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Stainless steel equipment for food and pharma

Packo Industry is an innovative manufacturer of stainless steel installations for hygiene-sensitive production processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We provide our clients with peace of mind from the project phase straight through to the full lifespan of the installation. We achieve this by means of a structured project approach and planning, a competent team with thorough knowledge of the needs and standards of the industry and by means of extensive service provision after implementation.

Verder Group

Packo Inox NV is a part of the Verder Group. The group employs 1,500 people and is represented on four continents with its own sales and production facilities in more than 20 countries.

The Verder Group has two divisions, viz. "Verder Liquids 'and 'Verder Scientific (laboratory equipment). The Packo activities are housed in 'Verder Liquids'.

The Verder Group has earned a reputation for conducting its business with integrity and respect in the interests of all those who have a relationship with our Group. This reputation is an asset alongside our brands, clients, suppliers and employees. Our core aim is to be a successful business which means investing in our growth in both the short and long term. It also means that we care for our customers, employees and suppliers and other business partners as well as for the environment.

This results in the Verder Code of Business Principles.

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