Dosing systems

Packo designs and builds dosing lines which are systems with one or more tanks and pipes that store, pump and dose conditioned liquid products from the food industry. These are always pumpable products such as water, yeast, milk, cream, eggs, liquid sugar, jam, chocolate, enhancers, dough, etc. The products are pumped from containers (from the raw material supplier) or storage tanks.


  • Productivity. Our dosing systems can operate fully automatically so that you can produce faster batches. They automatically switch over between containers and tanks.
  • Accuracy. Through continuous adjustment (post dose correction) we provide a highly accurate dose of your liquid products.
  • Reliable and efficient cleaning. Our systems are specifically designed for optimal hygienic cleaning without the risk of contamination and minimum consumption of water and chemicals.
  • Compatibility. Packo ensures optimal integration into your overall process line, even the dry part. Integration with a dosing computer is standard.
  • Peace of mind. During the entire service life of the system you can count on the professional support of Packo experts: from the initial design to the (periodic) maintenance phase.
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