Mobile CIP

Efficient, hygienic and fully automated cleaning of process installations

Packo Industry has developed a mobile unit for the cleaning of hygiene-sensitive process installations in the food industry. The unit is designed with maximum attention to hygiene. It is easy to move from one place to another and can therefore be used for several process installations. It can also serve as a flexible extension to a fixed cleaning system for specific or less common cleaning processes. The cleaning is carried out based on the Cleaning In Place (CIP) principle: automatically and without having to open or dismantle the process installation. Moreover, the automatic control programme cleans all tanks and pipes thoroughly and with minimum consumption of energy, water and cleaning agents.

A guaranteed optimum cleaning result

  • Hygiene: design in accordance with current hygiene standards, reduced contamination risk
  • Quality: measurable, reproducible and traceable cleaning
  • Productivity: faster cleaning, longer installation lifespan and less standstills
  • Ease-of-use: easy to move, connect and operate
  • Sustainability: optimum use of energy, water and cleaning agents

Effective and efficient cleaning

Packo Industry's CIP systems take care of every phase of the cleaning cycle:

  1. Pre-rinsing using water to soak and/or remove product residue
  2. One or more washing cycles with recirculation of various cleaning agents, including rinsing in between cycles
  3. Disposal of cleaning agents
  4. Rinsing using hot or cold water
  5. Drying (optional)
  6. Disinfection (optional)

The control programme ensures effective cleaning of the process installation based on the optimum combination of four parameters (Sinner's Circle).

Your project in good hands

Packo Industry has only one goal: your ease of mind. For every step in the project, you can count on the experience and expertise of our experts. The result is an installation that meets all your needs fully.

  • Audit: our technical experts will inspect your installation(s) thoroughly and will make recommendations to increase the cleanability.
  • Design and construction: before starting construction, we will draw up a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) as well as a 3D design.
  • Installation and testing: we test the CIP unit extensively before commissioning and will assist your employees for optimum use.
  • Support and maintenance: after installation, we offer technical support and preventive maintenance.

More information

Mobile CIP unit: ask for more information here.

Fixed CIP system: ask for more information here.

Whitepaper: Request the Hygienic Design whitepaper here.

Test for yourself and rent a CIP!

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