With the Packo Return-on-Investment tool, you make the right choice for your CIP installation


Packo Industry manufactures a wide range of CIP installations, ranging from a mobile CIP installation with one tank and one line to central CIP installations with several tanks and several lines. To simplify your choice of the right CIP system, Packo Industry has developed a Return-On-Investment (ROI) tool which supports you in choosing the right solution for your process and allows you to quickly and easily calculate the ROI time for a CIP system.

The software takes into account several parameters:

  • cleaning steps and their parameters, such as desired flow rate, temperature and detergent concentration
  • operating costs, such as the cost per man-hour, energy costs and the cost of the detergents
  • various recycling factors

A simulation is used to calculate the investment expense (CAPEX) and the operating expense (OPEX) of various CIP models. The CIP models are then presented graphically in a table so it is possible to make a comparison. This information can be evaluated in relation to the available budget, so that you invest in the optimal CIP solution.

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