Potential savings in CIP installations of food production plants

Cleaning is an integral part of the food production. However, each company must strive for economic reasons to keep the associated costs as low as possible. A complete adaptation of a production-plant to hygienic design requires high investments, which often deters budget-holders from opting for hygienic design.

Analysis of potential savings for the food industry by comparing the latest state of art of hygienic design versus legacy designs, represents a massive opportunity for savings in the cleaning process that can consume up to 70% of the total water consumption and water treatment.

Various saving opportunities

  • Shorter cleaning time, increasing productive time
  • Reduced chemicals and additives
  • Reduced power, steam and fuel consumption
  • Reduced water and water treatment costs

Correct hygienic design improves cleaning and sterilization via improvements in the mass-and heat-transfer from the CIP-liquids and results up to 75% less CIP time.

Typical design improvements for the legacy designs

  • Pipe-Couplings
  • T-Piece combinations
  • Sensor connections
  • Valve sections
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