Ice builders for industrial kitchens

Ice water cooling is used, amongst others, for the cooling of cooking kettles in industrial kitchens so that the desired end temperature at the core of the product to be cooled can be reached quickly and so that the cooling process complies with current EU-directives. Packo has 20 years of experience in this field and maintains close contact with almost all manufacturers of cooking kettles in Europe. Thence Packo can supply ice builders according to customer specifications and requirements.

Advantages of the Packo ice builder:

  • Fast cooling of the product
  • Intensive cooling without risk of freezing of the product
  • Smaller cooling unit required thanks to the accumulation of ice storage during several hours
  • It is possible to store the ice during the night at a cheap electricity rate
  • Large energy buffer (battery), ideal in combination with alternative energy such as solar panels
  • Ice water is available at the start of the Cook & Chill cycle in the daytime


Range: from 25 kWh up to 370 kWh

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