Ice builders for process cooling

Ice water is used since many years for cooling of food products and for process cooling in general because ice water has the capacity to cool down large quantities of product in a short time. In an ice builder a big amount of energy can be stored on a small surface. This compact unit can produce a large quantity of ice water of 0.5 à 1°C. For several applications, there is no risk of freezing the product.

Ice water, as refrigerant, is mainly used in the food and beverage industries, in bakeries, industrial kitchens, etc. but also in the non-food sector such as chemistry, bio-technology...

Advantages of the Packo ice builder:

  • Fast cooling of the product
  • Intensive cooling without risk of freezing of the product
  • Smaller cooling unit required thanks to the accumulation of ice storage during several hours
  • It is possible to store the ice during the night at a cheap electricity rate
  • Large energy buffer (battery), ideal in combination with alternative energy such as solar panels
  • Ice water is available at the start of the Cook & Chill cycle in the daytime

Range: from 8 kWh up to 370 kWh

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