Research on optimal cleaning of production installations

In practice, effective cleaning and disinfection in a food plant is not so evident. There are numerous factors that have an impact, such as the used technique (open plant cleaning, cleaning in place, microbiological cleaning, ...), the operating parameters (detergent concentration, pressure, ...) and the qualification method of the cleaning. To help you make the right decisions, Flanders' Food launched the Clean Food Guide project.

In the Clean Food Guide project VITO and ILVO work with food companies and manufacturers of cleaning equipment to search for opportunities to optimize cleaning of production processes. The study makes an overview of all available cleaning and decontamination techniques, their application in the food industry and appropriate methods to monitor the cleaning quality.

The goal of the project is to establish practical cleaning guidelines to make it easier for production plants to Ensure an effective cleaning and desinfection of their installations.

Read the full article (published in Aquarama n° 56) (dutch).

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