Reduce the risk of contamination from outside

In hygienic design is a lot of attention is put on the inside of the equipment and tubes of a process line. The exterior and the environment are often overlooked. There may also arise contamination risks of the food product from an outside source: dust, rust, personal hygiene ... A few tips to minimize risks of contamination from outside.

Do not forget the outside of the equipment

  • Clean the outside of the installation. Do not use a high pressure cleaning unit, because splashing water moves the contamination to another location (walls, ceilings), where it can again pose a risk.
  • Choose stainless steel. The outside of the equipment should be easily cleanable and resistant to corrosion.
  • Make sure that all cracks and crevices are sealed.

Is the environment hygienic?

  • Ensure good drainage of floors, so there is no standing water in which bacteria can develop.
  • The drains are not clogged and are cleanable.
  • Regularly clean and maintain doors and windows.
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